The Background of "Sykiki"

The background of "SYKIKI" was substantially initialized in the year 1929, when, the Greek State established the "Office for Protection of Greek Figs".

The aim of establishing this office at that time was to study and apply scientific means in the expansion of the production of dried figs.

By means of a new legislatory act in 1934, the office was assigned broader responsibilities, which connected it in a more efficient way to the productive process of dried figs. At that time, the first six sterilizing facilities were established by the State.

"SYKIKI" makes its appearance in 1935, when it was established from various unions and cooperatives of fig growers in Messinia and Lakonia.

In 1952, the above mentioned "Office for the Protection of Greek Figs" was dissipated and its whole property devolved to "SYKIKI", which starting from that year on initialized its course, which has been successfully continued until today.