Quality - Cerification Systems

SYKIKI has taken all necessary measures against the spread of COVID-19, announces that it has received appropriate certification for the measures and procedures followed by the certification body EUROCERT.



One of the basic goals of "SYKIKI" is maintaining, and also ensuring a high level of quality of the product.

The Cooperative "SYKIKI" has been certified according to the International Standards BRC and IFS.






An important number of member-producers of the group have certified their cultivation according to the protocol GLOBAL GAP V3 and the standard AGRO 2.1, 2.2 , systems of complete fig production and fig picking management.

Also, an important number of member-growers of "SYKIKI" are actively engaged in the cultivation and production of Biological Dried Figs and, at the same time, the facilities of "SYKIKI" have been certified as far as picking, standardizing and packaging Biological Dried Figs is concerned.

"SYKIKI" has been certified by an approved Certification Body for organic products with the following certificate: BIO HELLAS.