Noodles with figs, rosemary and pancetta

Ingredients (4 portions)

3 slices of tight, white sandwich bread

3 spoonfuls of olive oil

250g pancetta or more, chopped into small cubes

1 small red onion, finely chopped

2 big gloves of garlic, finely chopped

1 teaspoonful of finely chopped fresh rosemary, or as tasted

¼ cup of dry white wine (4 spoonfuls)

½ cup of chicken broth (8 spoonfuls)

350g dried figs, cut into 4 pieces along their length

2 spoonfuls of parsley, finely chopped

2 small spoonfuls of lemon juice or as tasted

350g dry fettucini with eggs

Parmezana cheese, freshly grated for serving


1. Tear bread into pieces and crush them in the blender until they become rough crumbs.

2. Heat 2 spoonfuls of olive oil in a deep saucepan with a diameter of 30cm at medium fire until the pan heats up - without smoking - put the bread crumbs together with salt and pepper, as tasted, and mix continuously until they are fried brown and become a golden colour, for about 5 minutes. Put them into a plate and let them chill.

3. In medium fire, heat the remaining 1 spoonful of olive oil in a clean saucepan, until it heats up – without smoking - and sauté the pancetta until it fries brown and becomes a gold colour. Using a skimmer, transfer it on kitchen paper and let it drain.

4. Put the onion in the saucepan, and sauté at medium fire, mixing until it softens, for about 4 minutes. Add garlic and rosemary and mix them for about 1 minute. Pour wine, mix and let boil, stirring from time to time, until the fluid is reduced to approximately 1 spoonful. Remove from fire and put chicken broth, figs, parsley, half of the pancetta and the lemon juice, stirring continuously.

5. In the meantime, boil and drain the noodles, saving ½ a cup from its water.

6. Put the noodles into the fig sauce along with the saved ¼ of a cup of water, add salt and pepper as tasted. Heat on low fire, stirring softly and adding more water from the noodles, if needed, until it warms up well.

7. Put bread crumbs and the rest of the pancetta on top and serve.