Sykomaida fig tart


1kg dried figs

½ glass of mastic liqueur

½ glass of ouzo

1 glass of must

1 glass of grated nuts

1 small bundle of fennel

2 spoonfuls of black pepper

1 spoonful of the following:

Anise, carnation, cinnamon

Leaves of fig trees and string


Although the sykomaida fig tart is made from quite a long list of ingredients, it is very easy to prepare.

Chop figs into small pieces using a big knife. Pour ouzo over them and leave for 15 minutes to soften and become more malleable.

Put figs in a large bowl and mould them until they become a uniform mixture.

Put all ingredients: mastic, ouzo, grated nuts, fennel, pepper, anise, carnations and cinnamon.

Mould all ingredients for a long period, so that they are fully mixed. Taste a bit of the mixture.

If desired, add some sugar so that our sykomaida fig tart becomes sweeter.

When the pastry is uniform, start moulding. Traditionally, the shape of sykomaida fig tart is round. But there is room to improvise and knead pastry into various shapes.

Spread must on the sykomaida fig tart to make it more malleable and glossy. After kneading the whole of the pastry, wrap the sykomaida fig tarts - one by one - into the leaves of the fig tree.

Usually, it suffices to use a leaf on top and one leaf on bottom. In order to tie up the sykomaida fig tart, use a string, and twiddle it around the leaves so that they close safely and, finally, make a knot and cut the surplus string.

The procedure is completed by baking the sykomaida fig tart in the oven, for two hours at a temperature of 50° Celsius.

Important information:

Sykomaida fig tart is a sweet, but is also an excellent snack for any kind of liquor. Furthermore, you shouldn’t think that you are supposed to eat the whole of the sykomaida fig tart when you open it: it is almost impossible. Store it inside its leaves or in a small plastic bag. It is a sweet that remains fresh and edible for up to one year.